Valentine’s Day: not just for couples anymore

Valentine’s Day has just arrived, we know this thanks to the onslaught of media, advertisements and influencer’s influencing – but what’s left for the single people?

It’s time to reclaimed the day back from the brink of full commercialisation and let the single people have some fun. Yes, it’s too late to apply for the TV dating shows like first dates in Ireland but applications for the UK version are still open here – I doubt one could get hitched by the 14th of February though (depending on when you’re reading this).

There’s always tinder but between the catfishes, friends with benefits aka ‘ I’m not looking for anything serious’ and the out and proud players there’s not much left to be achieved.

Here’s a ‘couple’ of (pun intended) ways to get through the Valentine’s Day blues as a single pringle.

•Forget the drama, Netflix and Chill with you’re mates or yourself. The pain will soon subside while you’re half ways into some ‘Marie Kondo’ and get the sudden urge to CLEAN and SPARK JOY all over the place. If you’re of the legal drinking age… procecco is a nice addition, if not cola! You can’t go wrong really.

• If you want (never need) a loved up time, try a local singles night cause they are always such a classy affair.

• Head to a concert, a play or better yet a musical. There’s lots of crack to be had living through other people’s dilemma and not your own.

• Go out on the town with you’re friends, an evening out enjoying the madness could be great crack. Just have the PDA (Public Displays of Affection) radar on.

• The Cinema is always an option, this year’s major Oscar hopefuls have come and gone but I’m sure something or someone will catch your fancy. On second thought best not to be anywhere near a dark,enclosed public space on ‘the most romantic day of the year’

• If all else fails, its not too late to book a Ryanair flight. Just avoid Paris, there’s too many engagements, potential engagements and out right rejections happening to mention. Imagine all the flashmobs you’d have to avoid or is that not a thing anymore?

You may say I’m bitter with the world. Actually you might be right but y’all, do what makes you happy. I think I’m going to take the drinks with friends option followed by Netflix, it’s the safest bet. ‘America’s Got Talent: the champions’ has my name all over it.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, I hate what’s it has become. Half price this, 2 for 1 on that. Share the love everyday not just on some dreary Thursday in February.

What ever the day brings remember, you are valued not because of who you love but the joy you bring to others. Add value to the world and you will be rewarded no end. In a world filled with filters, facetune’s and deception. Be the light through the fog, the truth through the journey.

What do you think? Let me know by leaving a comment below or tweet me @althefiver – I’d love to hear your thoughts or how and why I’m wrong.

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