The podcast that challenges society, sex and the system

⚠️Disclaimer, some of the material and ideas discussed in this piece are of an adult nature. Viewer discretion is advised

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What could an evening with this eccentric, uniquely articulate and altogether unusual character entail? A deep, meaningful and hilarious conversation with a PhD student, sex workers rights activist, general activist, occultist turned sexual liberator and all round nice guy Conner Habib who once upon a time happened and may still be if he wishes, a gay porn star. Conner recently up sticks and moved to Ireland from LA. Yes, you heard me! He’s always wanted to live in Dublin since a surprising life-altering trip to Kenmare (of all places) as a 15-year-old American tourist.

When you get a WhatsApp message of a Sunday asking if your free Monday evening you can only assume either something is seriously wrong or this guy is preparing for a hard week at the office, “Monday night pints?”

“I’ve a spare ticket to the Blindboy podcast in Vicar Street if you fancy it?” Regretfully I did not know who this Blindboy was, what’s his game or how a podcast could be a stage show in Vicar Street? A quick google search later and the Rubberbandits (@Rubberbandits) popped up, Blindboy being one half of the group.

Now if you’re not from Ireland you may ask, who are these people? It’s pretty hard to define but they are two highly intellectual, thought-provoking, people of Limerick who rock plastic bags on their heads and talk about the issues facing us in the 21st century. Their medium of expression, writings and off the wall music videos comparing your humble Honda Civic or up and at em Subaru to their, “horse outside”.

Safe to say I was unsure what to expect but minutes into the show and I was presently surprised by the quality of conversation. Blindboys command and respect from the audience and his fearlessness to talk on the issues, that few are prepared to, was refreshing.

We live in a time when vanity is all too respected and where intelligence & debate is hijacked by know it all trolls behind a screen and keyboard. Tonight, I sensed a change in the air, a shift towards the people wanting more. An asking of the creators to provide more substance, quality and thought-provoking conversations that will not only inspire and help to build a better society. But one that also asks deeper questions of who we are, what we are opposed to and how the current system we inhabit is fundamentally flawed.

It was particularly interesting to be guided through a talk on sex with Conner Habib the podcast host, sex workers rights activist and radical philosopher.  Sex in Irish culture has been strapped down for centuries, banished to the dark and suppressed by oppressive Catholicism. It was once sinful to think these things or talk about such in public, to have intercourse or children outside of wedlock. This came from those who sold Irish flesh, blood and innocence down the river and across the Atlantic to those united states. This from the institution whose hierarchy told us the way forward ‘to god’ but whose actions were anything but. This from those who tortured and abuse the women of Ireland, who buried their all too malnourished babies in the dark of night with no repercussions or penance for their actions, yet. This from those who systemic hate and suppression of LGBTQ+  humans is all too clear when all we are asking is to be who we authentically are.

What you begin to uncover through this conversation and podcast is that sex is a fundamental Pillar of human existence. Fundamentally we strive to survive and procreate. But I also think we strive to bring joy, hope and wonder to the lives of others and ourselves. Self-indulgence is a part of this and sex should be openly talked about instead of something which is hidden and almost made up like it’s not there, but I think we all know different.

I’m grateful for the evening and the honest, open and encouraging discussion, it was bloody entertaining too. Blindboy is a revelation and though I may not agree with everything he says or does. I have major respect for his willingness to share and his authenticity. His unwavering courage to tackle the subjects, that many would run away from, is inspired.

The blind boy podcast is available on all major platforms including Google podcast and Spotify. The particular episode with Conner has been released go check it out, episode 81, its called “Saint Barts Tarmac”. Keep up with blindboys going on at I’m definitely going to self indulge and listen again. While you’re at it check out Against Everyone with Conner Habib, you will definitely learn something. visit to check it out.

Side note if you get a chance to see the Blindboy podcast live – jump at it. I never considered how much a podcast recorded in front of a live audience could be so different. It was special.

Thanks for reading, if you have something to say about this piece why not leave a comment below. You can follow my journey through the wilderness that is life using the handle @althefiver.

Until we meet again – have a good one, Alan

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